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What would Corwin do?

Corwin reminds us to meet those tough life moments with courage, optimism, and kindness.  Reminding us to celebrate the ordinary, small seeming wins, to appreciate both the wondrous gifts and the simple, timely gestures of true friendship.


The name Corwin means “heart’s friend.”  He speaks to and from the cherished places inside us – the deep, nurturing, caring places, and the courageous, knowing places.  We trust the messages from those places, they resonate because we’ve been there, we’ve felt their truth, and we know they’re useful to bring us back to what matters.

Corwin brings a powerful message

About Chris Carr


Corwin and Friends We Can Do It


Corwin is a character created by Christine Carr: mother of three, physical education teacher, author, lifetime learner, etc...  He came to life in a moment of creative flow, powered by the urging from her family and a long-time wish to spread the resonant, life learnings she’d gathered through her almost 30-year teaching career at an elementary school in East Greenwich, RI.

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Shout outs for Corwin


"Corwin, to me, starts me with a smile, maybe a tear, and is always a ray of sunshine. So needed these days. Everyone I have introduced Corwin to is grateful and wants to keep the positivity going. Thoughtfully crafted design and high quality too. I have loved sharing the cards, night light, stickers, t-shirt. My mug has been used weekly for tea, soup, and ice cream. Chris, you really created something very special. Thank you, sweet friend!"

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